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Fibre drums

Fibre drums with total opening, for the transport and storage of pulverulent, granulated, pasty, semi-liquid products, etc.

These drums have their corresponding recycling seal and may have UN APPROVAL CERTIFICATE for the transport of dangerous goods.


    • Available diameters (mm.): 250300360375 380420460510571'5
    • Available heights: Up to 1400 mm.
    • Available capacities: Up to 350 litres.
    • Body: Formed by several turns of kraft paper, glued together with silicate and manufactured in parallel.
    • Rings: Made of galvanized strip, to reinforce the ends.
    • Top: According to customer needs, available in plastic, metal or MDF (pressed wood fibers).
    • Bottom: Composed of several layers of kraft paper, cardboard and polyethylene glued together, achieving an anti-humidity barrier. Assembled to the body through the reinforcement ring.
    • Closure: Made of anti-cut galvanized leaf spring, with a hole for inserting a security seal.

    UN approval for the transport of dangerous goods, exterior paint or varnish, serigraphy, polyethylene bag, anti-corrosion treatment, anti-humidity treatment, cotton handles , metal or plastic seals, etc.

Fibre drums, ecological, recyclable and customizable

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